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This Is About You

If you are reading this, it is because you are encountering suffering in your life. You are well aware of it, and maybe you even have a good idea of how it came about. But you might feel helpless to change it in any substantial or durable way. You suspect that the pain, shame, grief or anger you feel is because you are flawed. And this is why you seem to keep coming up against the same problem in different forms again and again.

Trauma is often transmitted and happens in ways that are intrusive and violating, or walled off and abandoning. It might be show up as a family belief, or a self image, or a way of handling yourself in the world, it might be how you position yourself in relationships.

The Traumatised Brain

In the traumatised brain, your mind has hardwired certain perceptions and beliefs that are influencing your choices – and that are determining the quality of your life, your relationships, and the very experience of your life at this moment.

Traumatic life experiences sets us on a path we would never have chosen for ourselves. It can be as heartwrenching and seemingly banal as infidelity or as grief-stricken as a loved one; it can be a physical illness or an accident. It can be an ongoing situation where we feel like we are under siege. It can be a chronic situation like unresolved grief.

Hurt People Hurt People

Traumatised parents transmit their trauma in often totally unconscious ways to their children. Multigenerational trauma is always relational.

Please note that I am not sitting here from the point of view of some lofty expert expounding theoretic concepts. I have both acquired the theory and have had a first hand experience of trauma. I am with you on this.

In fact, I have not yet met an adult who has NOT in some way been traumatised. What is important to remember when we are talking about traumatic experiences, is that it is not so much WHAT happened but the MEANING that you gave it.

The symptoms of PTSD are well known – intrusive memories, avoidance, negative thinking and moods, emotional and physical reactivity…

If left to flounder in our traumatised brain, this can entail long periods, even years, of being triggered, and having our bodies and minds hijacked by an unleashed nervous system. The nervous system continues to react to triggers, and the subconscious mind manifests these emotional states in our bodies in many forms, symptoms and illnesses, often chronic. Being very preoccupied with this state of hyper-vigilance, like an alarm that is always wailing, this effectively prevents you from accessing the level of mind that you need to function as a wise person making wise choices.

Body centred therapies such as yoga, meditation and hypnosis have proven to have a greater and more lasting impact on relieving the symptoms of trauma.

Three levels of mind - How the traumatised mind works

The three levels of mind correspond to the three levels of experience from the point of view of our nervous system that relates to the three parts of our brain and the three ways that we react in any given situation : the Functional adult, the Adaptive Child or the Wounded Child.

At a very young age, we are like a sponge and we absorb everything – the good, the bad and the neglectiful. When we are very young and we grow up in an environment that is unsafe, chaotic, abusive or neglectful, we develop an inner wounded child. The wounded child is overwhelmed and helpless. The trauma of the wounded child is linked to primal safety and survival. Physical and emotional neglect is a form of abuse. From about the age of 7 years old approximately, the child has extraordinary adaptive skills and will cope with an abusive environment, trauma or neglect. Over-protection or the parentified child is also a form of abuse. The adaptive child will develop ill-adapted strategies. Later as adults, many of us are still reacting, functioning from this “adaptive child”, and still trying to get its needs met and its trauma resolved. Sometimes we would like to ask: Is there an adult in the room?

Suffering = Stress / Karma = Trauma

The modern word for suffering is “stress” and the modern word for the ancient concept of karma is “trauma”. Whether it is abandonment trauma, rejection trauma, betrayal trauma or injustice trauma, research indicates that 75 percent of people will experience a traumatic event in their lifetime. These traumatic events will inevitably cause great suffering.

The brilliance of our adaptive child is that they come up with survival strategies that were meant to help us deal with difficulties, trauma and abuse. Today those strategies are hard wired in us – and this is the problem.

At times – at the worse moments - you revert to the wounded child and the adaptive child – and then all hell breaks loose. Either quietly or dramatically. Failed relationships, missed professional opportunities, emotional instability, feeling like you are unmoored and you are disconnected from your soul and your life path.

Trauma can be a catalyst for Growth

The good news is that surviving terrible life-altering events or accidents can act as catalysts pushing people to change for the better.

The term post-traumatic growth was coined in the 1990’s and it is now accepted that this post-traumatic growth can be transformative.

Trauma can be a powerful force for positive change because it alters us in fundamental ways that have a huge potential to open the passage to the light, to change, and to transformation in a positive, life affirming way

"Cracks let the light shine through."
– Leonard Cohen

In many ways this is the modern hero’s journey. You are a hero when you step on the path of awakening, healing and transformation.

I help my clients rise to the hero’s task, and put an end to this suffering that is sabotaging your true self treading its soul path.

Let me accompany you on the path of awakening, healing and transformation.

On this journey, you will :

  • Discover the root source of the wounded child’s reactive patterns and free the child from its inherited holds in the past.
  • Release the burden of the transferred past.
  • Recover and integrate the wounded child.
  • Upgrade the adaptive child and give a new role to play.
  • Heal the body of its physical symptoms expressing the tears of emotional pain that could not be shed.
  • Build a new resilience in the body mind.
  • Empower the functional adult (hero, heroine).
  • Mindfully choose to respond rather than to react in alignment with the highest good,
  • Tune into your inner guide to do what feels right.
  • Find out what life is calling you to do.
  • Acquire a bigger vision of what is possible for you.
  • Build your life now so that your future will serve your soul.

The Awaken Heal Transform Program

This 12 week program of hypnotherapy, mindfulness and coaching is comprised of online learning and guided practices punctuated with individual sessions to enhance evolution and progression through the program.

The online practices and the individual sessions by video conference will guide you step-by-step with teachings, reflective exercises, home restorative yoga practices, powerful guided healing meditations and transformative hypnoses.

What will I receive?

  • Preparatory coaching session.
  • Pre-RTT session self-hypnosis
  • Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy session
  • Healing self-hypnosis to reinforce the healing role of the subconscious.
  • Personalized Transformation recording.
  • Laser Coaching Sessions.
  • Law of Attraction coaching exercises.
  • Trauma sensitive yoga techniques and meditations to calm the nervous system.
  • Post RTT Manifesting Hypnosis
  • Take off coaching session.

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

The method of hypnosis I use in this program is called Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy and has become world known as has its founder, Marisa Peer, with whom I trained personally in 2019 in London.

In hypnosis, you relax your conscious mind to talk with your subconscious. Hypnotherapy is completely natural, safe and relaxing: you remain aware and in total control of yourself throughout the session.

Your subconscious mind is a storage space for your memories, all your past experiences and all that you have learned, which influences you at every step- in your choices, in your decisions, and your beliefs.

Communicating with your subconscious mind through hypnosis allows you to identify past events that are at the root of beliefs, behaviours, and even physical symptoms or illnesses.

RTT is a distinct approach to hypnotherapy that addresses trauma that clients have carried with them, often for many years. You are brought into a powerful and permanent change in which you participate fully.


Awaken Heal Transform
12 week Programme

I invite you to book a 30 minute Discovery Call with me to see how this program corresponds to your needs.