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A Mindful Art of Life begins with what you are eating, where that food comes from and how you are nourishing your body and mind. Eating mindfully means growing, buying and cooking your food mindfully as this will either create health, vitality and harmony or dis-ease and illness.

Three types of surrender

RELINQUISHING THE SHOPPING LIST OF REMEDIES I’m reading David Hawkin’s book « Letting Go – The Pathway to Surrender.” I laughed heartily reading the following extract from the first chapter – it reads like a shopping list of the new age market!  As I chuckled, I also winced as I checked off the items that were on…

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From Rhubarb Patch to Pie

Rhubarb is really easy to grow and even easier to enjoy in a homemade Pie Rhubarb made it’s first appearance in an Italian garden in 1608 and quickly spread to the rest of Europe. It is happiest in a cool and wet climate so I planted it last summer in the bottom of the garden…

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