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What we call a “Formal Practice” is generally considered to be all the forms of sitting and walking Meditation, including Yoga. Here I share my reflections and experiences in my personal practice and also offer you some guided practices for you to taste as well.

Three types of surrender

RELINQUISHING THE SHOPPING LIST OF REMEDIES I’m reading David Hawkin’s book « Letting Go – The Pathway to Surrender.” I laughed heartily reading the following extract from the first chapter – it reads like a shopping list of the new age market!  As I chuckled, I also winced as I checked off the items that were on…

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Emotional Snakes and Ladders

OVERCOMING THE NEGATIVITY BIAIS  For many of us, emotions are things that happen us – sometimes a tornado that blows us off our feet or a sinking that silently drags us down. Or a feeling of elation as fleeting as the sun on a winter afternoon or a burst of joy – here and gone…

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A spiritual solution for Fear

THE ENERGY OF COMPASSION  The five cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo, who have throughout their career lampooned political figures and all extremities, whether political or religious, have paid a heavy price for defending the right to laugh about anything. « I prefer to die than to live like a rat », said Charb, the newspaper’s director, who was…

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Pave your Way as you Go Forward

Pave Your Route

Paving it Forward is a process to consciously choose how you want to be, feel and live each part of your day and each part of your life. «Pave it Forward » is a way of telling the universe what it is that you want to happen. It is a powerful form of intention-setting that…

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How to Manifest Mindfully

  CREATING YOUR FUTURE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT This Manifestation activity is a powerful way of working with your thoughts and projections into the future. More times than not we are on a default setting worrying about the future. Rather than cultivating a positive expectation about what might occur regarding a situation or an event,…

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What is Meditation? And why do we want to learn it?

In this informal audio talk I take a look at why Meditation is a central tool to cultivating the relationship with yourself. You will learn what is meditation, it’s benefits, and how cultivating the present moment experience of being alive now is essential to the path of awakening to your full potential.

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What kind of Hermit are you?

MUSINGS ON A TAOIST WEEKEND IN A BUDDHIST CENTRE  I dropped out of my regular life for four days this week. My neighbour suggested I go with her to a not-so near Buddhist Centre that she had booked for her and her husband for a weekend workshop in Qi Gong. Her husband would be eternally…

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Morning Muse – Armistice

What is the first thing you think about in the morning when you open your mind? I know, one usually says «when I wake up». Or if you want to emphasize the moment when consciousness pops out from slumber, you simply say, «when I opened my eyes this morning,» because the truth is, when we…

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Never a Dull Moment – Cultivating Being

I grew up in the country – in the suburbs of Ottawa; our back yard was an acre of pine trees, mud in the spring (mud is a very creative medium), piles of leaves in the fall (to jump into, to hide in and jump out of), and mountains of snow in the winter. It…

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Mindful Art Of Life