shine your light in your life

What if your mind’s software could be easily and permanently updated?

And what if re-programming your mind meant that you could be transformed into the person of your highest potential?

And that you could live your life in the full, healthy and joyful way that you were meant to?

Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness are two of the most powerful tools

available today to create lasting and profound change.



Elaine Rudnicki has trained extensively in the healing arts, personal development, humanist psychology and the wisdom traditions.

A certified RTT Therapist and Hypnotherapist, Elaine is a professional Life Coach, Yoga Therapist C-IAYT and MBSR Teacher.

Elaine is the creator of AWAKE Coaching®“Eveil” is French for “Awake”. AWAKE Coaching is a unique modality based on a strategic methodology for self-development and realisation based on mindfulness, law of attraction and strategic intervention.

Elaine holds professional certifications in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Relational Life Therapy, Professional Life Coaching (RMT, Presence-based Coaching, Quantum Coaching Academy) in Psychopathology, Developmental Psychology, and Person-Centered Psychology. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Honours with Distinction in Dance from York University, Canada and a Masters from the University of Dauphine-Paris, France.

A former professional contemporary dancer (Merce Cunningham) Elaine has taught yoga and mindfulness meditation since 1999 and received her professional training in MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction) from Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli, and has been teaching MBSR since 2008.

Canadian born, Elaine is based in France and offers distant sessions in both English and French, and areceives clients in her clinic in Sainte Suzanne, Mayenne, France.

Elaine’s expertise in the mind-body connection allows her clients to access transformative change.


As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I use an award winning method called Rapid Transformational Therapy that is the brain child of Marisa Peer, who has developed this signature method of hypnotherapy and a unique protocol to achieve powerful emotional and physical healing rapidly and permanently.

If you want to know more about how RTT and/or the Awake coaching can transform your life,
please contact me for a Free Discovery Session.