Pave your Way as you Go Forward

Pave Your Route

Paving it Forward is a process to consciously choose how you want to be, feel and live each part of your day and each part of your life.

«Pave it Forward » is a way of telling the universe what it is that you want to happen. It is a powerful form of intention-setting that aligns your energy with that which you desire in order to manifest it without effort.

Every day we create our experience from our choices and our intentions.

Paving your Way Forward is a way of mindfully choosing how you want to be, feel and live a future event.

Paving your Way Forward is a way of mindfully choosing how you want to be, feel and live a future event.

Your creative thinking is creating your experience. Indeed, you are paving your route forward whether you know it or not ! Today you have the choice to be either the creator or the victim of your paved route !

This exercise will help you clarify and set in motion the intentions which will pave your route forward in regards to any situation – so that your route will fully be the one that you desire.

I invite you to choose a situation or a future event and to imagine with intention point by point and segment by segment its’ future occurrence in space and time.

Take the time to define the desire, the feeling and the positive expectation of the outcome that you will carry into each new sequence of the situation that you are « paving forward ». This will help you be fully mindful of what you really do want to experience at each step of the way and in regards to each aspect of the situation.

The sequences that you will have paved forward on your route will have a much better chance of happening just as you have imagined them in your thoughts and feelings, or better !

This exercise is useful for revealing limiting or false beliefs in regards to the future situation that you are imagining.

Being Mindful will allow you to :

  • Observe, witness and accept what is happening in your body, emotions and thoughts at the detailed evocation of this future situation,
  • To welcome and acknowledge with kindess the blockages and obstacles.
  • Witness what happens when you sincerely try this exercise as an experiment.

By formulating your creative thinking in this exercise in this way, you will pave your route, segment after segment, in harmony with your desires.

Affirmation :
I see the road ahead alight with love and confidence. 

This Mindful Manifestation Practice is part of the AWAKE COACHING® Program with Elaine Rudnicki.

About The Author

Elaine Rudnicki

Elaine is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist, a Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, Certified Life Coach, creator of AWAKE Coaching®, a Yoga and Meditation Teacher and MBSR Instructor.