Lovely to meet you

I am a Relational Life Mastery Coach, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist, and Mindfulness teacher.

I hold many degrees, certifications and diplomas in mindfulness, yoga, meditation, cutting-edge therapies, coaching, healing…

My learning and healing journey has brought me through physical breakdown, relationship betrayal, emotional turmoil, isolation and depression. Overcoming trauma and relationship life mastery has been my most important ongoing achievement. And it can be yours too.

I started my professional life as a contemporary dancer and my passion brought me to New York to dance with Merce Cunningham then to France where I toured and performed for many years. I began studying yoga and meditation in parallel to dance. I became a certified Yoga Therapist in 2005, and a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher. In 2012, I created the first certified French-language on-line MBSR programme teaching mindfulness techniques for stress reduction.

I hold an undergraduate degree from York University, Toronto, Canada and a Masters degree from the University of Paris-Dauphine, France. For four years I studied psychopathology, developmental psychology, multiple psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytic methodologies at Savoir Psy, Paris. The theoretical training provided me with the conviction that conceptual knowledge has very little to do with healing.

I am a great believer that within each person lies their highest potential, only waiting to be activated.
In short, I believe in YOU as the healed, powerful, unique, loving person you always knew you were – who is capable of moving towards mindful ease in body and mind, who is resilient facing the inevitable stress and suffering of being human, who has mastery in their relationships, who is aligned with the divine, and who is compassionate and doing what is right to be of use and to contribute their uniqueness for a kinder, more just world, starting right now, right here, relationship by relationship.

After all, happiness, satisfaction, authenticity, and purpose … is all about intimacy, connection and relationship.

Let us make this vision available to YOU !