The True You

The True You

Le Vrai ToiThe body, which is the subconscious mind, will invariably shed the tears that the eyes cannot.

It is not emotional pain that is killing us, it is our resistance to it.

The subconscious mind will always continue to do what it has always done –

Dredging up old strategies for dulling the emotional pain or producing dysfunctional behaviours that distract from it or dull it.

Stuck in these energies, we get sucked in by power struggles or co-dependent relationships that bring to light sooner or later the patterns that are making us unhappy and unhealthy.

Somatic understanding allows us to realise that every negative, painful emotion does not mean that we are fundamentally flawed; it simply means that we have emotional pain that is trapped or blocked in our body-minds.

Life crises must therefore be seen as rites of passage.

We are indeed heroes walking through the fire of transformation.

Staying stuck on the other side will only complicate matters, as what is required is nothing less that than inner surrender.

We are designed to know and connect with our original divine design and the cells of our body knows innately that you can connect with the knowledge of perfect health and perfect divine energy and vitality.

As you become energetically clear and connected, life becomes a manifestation of your inner light. We must go into the body and find the somatic expression of this blocked energy and energetically clear it –

With the Marisa Peer method of Rapid Transformational Therapy, and all that I know about the body-mind through 15 years of working as a yoga therapist, mindfulness teacher and Life Coach, I will accompany you – kindly, gently and with your permission, into the hard drive of your mind and find the blocked energy.

We will unearth the rigid belief system created by the wounded child to survive, and we will clear it. Then we will retrain the mind to focus in a new way, in a connected way and to affirm and manifest a new, living, divinely connected Truth of who you are. To make an appointment for a free 30 minute session, feel free to contact Elaine.


About The Author

Elaine Rudnicki

Elaine is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist, a Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, Certified Life Coach, creator of AWAKE Coaching®, a Yoga and Meditation Teacher and MBSR Instructor.