Taking Time out to go Inside
The Mindfulness Retreat with Elaine Rudnicki is an intensive time out to go deeply inside where you will work directly on what is most important to you – whether your priority is to learn mindfulness tools to calm your body, focus your mind and stabilize your emotions, to gain clarity regarding a situation or a relationship, to envision a new direction for your life and the first actions to get there, or simply connect with yourself to listen to your inner wisdom. I will guide and accompany you throughout this intensive with mindfulness practices from my rich and varied tool box : mindfulness coaching, mindful yoga, and mindfulness-based yoga therapy – while incorporating the beautiful surroundings into your program. But above all, I will be listening to you, accepting where you are right now, and creating a safe and rejuvenating space for you to explore new pathways to move out and beyond what you may believe is possible.

We will take a walk in the woods and you may make the inner shift that everything depends on.

What is a VIP Mindfulness Retreat Intensive?
What if you took a few days out of your life and came to a medieval village in the Loire Valley in the Mayenne region of France? This retreat is not a vacation but you can precede or prolong your stay in Sainte Suzanne to enjoy the many joys that the village and the region offers, and its many natural, historical, culinary and cultural riches to be discovered and savoured. This is a VIP Retreat because it is strictly personal. I will work with you for one and a half to two intensive days of mindfulness training, one on one coaching and deep body mind work. I will tailor the program to your needs and your intentions.

This is what a typical retreat could look like. All programs are open to be changed and adapted in relation to your needs :

Day 1
Arrival in the afternoon or evening greeted by Jean-Philippe Collet, owner of gîte and settle in.
Dinner and Evening – Free
*depending on when you arrive, Elaine will do a brief tour of the village the afternoon/evening of your arrival or the following morning before beginning your program.

9h30am – Elaine meets you at the gîte and walks or drives with you to La Saltière (5 minutes away)
10:00am-1:00pm – Morning Session
1:00pm-14h – Lunch at La Saltière
2:00pm-3:30pm – Free Time
3:30pm-6:30pm –  Afternoon Session
Dinner Free

9:00am – rendez-vous at La Saltière
9:15-1:00pm –  Morning Session
Departure or Prolongation of stay on your own.
(On Day 3 an afternoon session can be scheduled for those wishing a full third day as part of their intensive.)

You will need:

  • Yoga clothes (cotton, comfortable)
  • your own yoga mat if you prefer, if not I provide all yoga material and yoga accessories.
  • walking or running shoes.
  • K-Way in case of rain.
  • hat in case of sun or rain.
  • warm shawl or sweater
  • warm socks that can be easily taken off and put on
  • your journal to write in.
  • recording device if you wish to record your sessions yourself (I will be recording all our sessions and giving you a copy of them, included in the price so this is optional).

Cost of VIP Mindfulness Retreat Intensive with Elaine :
Please contact me so we can create a tailored program for your needs.

Jean-Philippe et Carole-Marie are friends who have created two lovely gîtes in the heart of the medieval village of Sainte Suzanne and which are a few minutes walk or drive to La Saltière where we will be doing our sessions.
The Gîte Le Passe-Muraille can be rented for 2 or three nights over a weekend or during the week and is perfect for a single person or a couple. You can see pictures of the Gîte Le Passe-Murail
The Gîte des Remparts is suitable for larger numbers and is only available for weekly rental. You can see pictures of the Gîte des Remparts.
Accomodation Booking Procedure:  You inform Elaine which dates you want to come.
Elaine informs the gîte owners and they confirm gîte availability, reserve your dates and you communicate by email directly.

Airports : Paris or Nantes
Train from Paris : Paris (Gare Montparnasse) to Evron via Le Mans
Duration : 1h56
Car rental from Paris or Nantes (approx. 2 ½ hour drive to Ste Suzanne)

Sainte Suzanne
This beautiful village and site has been awarded the exclusive label as one of the « most beautiful villages of France ».
I invite you to discover some images of Sainte Suzanne here.


  1. It is possible to book an osteopathic session with my husband. Patients say that Olivier has “magic hands” – He will receive you in his clinic in the Ste Suzanne village, a few minute’s walk from your gîte.
  2. You can book a massage and the masseur will come to your gîte.

La Saltière
Our sessions will be held in our stone farmhouse with a loft space where I receive clients. The grounds contain flower gardens, greenhouse, vegetable garden and three lounge decks, including a meditation deck. Animals on site include a dog, a cat, chickens and goats. La Saltière is located in the hills, called the Tertre Ganne, just opposite the village, a few minutes walk up or down from the village. It is nestled in the forest and along the Erve River with walking paths all around.

2013-07-20 18.08.382013-07-24 11.36.45 IMG_01712007-02-05 21.49.04 copiePlease note that there are a limited number of places for the VIP Mindfulness Retreat Intensive throughout the year. Pre-requisite: Previous coaching with me. Please be free to contact me to see how I can best serve you.